Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Education, as a spiritual-cultural activity, can develop best when responsibility is in the hands of those who are actively engaged in the educational process. It needs an organization that is mobile, flexible and responsive to innovation and changing environments. To that end, the Camphill Academy is structured associatively: each program Core Faculty maintains a large degree of programmatic, administrative and fiscal autonomy and is supported by its own administrative office and staff.

The Board of Directors

The Academy’s bylaws provide for a Board of Directors elected by the Collegium and composed of Collegium members and non-vested Board members. The Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) form a Management Group responsible for the operations of the Academy. In addition to its fiduciary role, the Board of Directors provides the Academy with access to resources, expertise and relationships to further its growth and development.

Jan Goeschel (President)
Penny Baring (Vice President)
Philipp Jacob (Secretary)
Sonja Adams (Treasurer)
Rachel Bowden
Diedra Heitzman
Rüdiger Janisch
Patrice Maynard
Loren Thomas
Nathaniel Williams

The Collegium

The Collegium is tasked to serve as ‘College of Teachers’ for the Academy as a whole, carrying programmatic oversight, safeguarding the spiritual integrity of the Academy and its activities in line with the Academy’s purposes, mission and vision, and providing a venue for the further development of its mission and vision through spiritual colleagueship, ongoing dialogue and practical collaboration between the various individuals and groups involved, including faculty and program development.

Sonja Adams
Penny Baring
Marc Blachere
Kimberly Dorn
Phil Drake
Jan Goeschel
Diedra Heitzman
Philipp Jacob
Rüdiger Janisch
Becky Rutherford
Libby Sanders 
Patricia Smith
Stephen Steen

Central Administration

The central administrative office carries administrative functions that go beyond the concerns of individual programs or are best shared between programs. It consists of the President, the Coordinator of Academic Affairs, and the Registrar.

Jan Goeschel (President)
Dana Jain (Coordinator of Academic Affairs)
Philip Jacob (Coordinator of Communications)
Becca Winiarski (Registrar)
Libby Sanders (Research Fellow)

The Research Council

The Research Council supports the development of research capacities within the Camphill Movement in North America through the Camphill Academy. It is chaired by the Camphill Academy Research Fellow and includes academic researchers involved in fields relevant to the Camphill Movement.

Pim Blomaard
Shelley Burtt
Jan Goeschel
Maria Lyons
Robert McDermott
Dan McKanan
Libby Sanders
John Swinton

Core Faculty and Program Administration

The Core Faculty Groups are responsible for all aspects of the development and operation of their respective program cohorts. They consist of senior faculty members who are made available for that task by a participating community. Each Core Faculty Group is chaired by a Program Director and serves as a local ‘College of Teachers’ responsible for the inner and outer integrity of the program. Many Core Faculty Groups are also supported by a program administrator.

Curative Education Program (Camphill Special School)

Sonja Adams (Program Director)
Tobias Adams
Carsten Callesen
Jan Goeschel
Diedra Heitzman (Site Coordinator, Kimberton Hills)
Andrea Janisch
Rüdiger Janisch
Norma Lindenberg
Becky Rutherford
Libby Sanders
Gillian Schoemaker
Kelsey Schwenk (Site Coordinator, Soltane)
Aviran Shoshan

Becca Winiarski (Program Administrator)
Else Wolf

Social Therapy Program (Camphill Communities California)

John Baring
Penelope Baring
Szilvia Budai (Program Co-Director)
Rachel Dripps (Program Administrator)
Jeanie Elliott
Ala Jacob
Philipp Jacob (Program Co-Director)
David Leighton
Katherine Lyles
Beverly Martin
Kathryn Rycroft
Johannes Schlitz

Social Therapy Program (Camphill Village Kimberton Hills)

Michael Babitch
Mimi Coleman
Diedra Heitzman (Program Director)
Felicity Jeans
Grace Ann Peysson
Sherry Wildfeuer

Social Therapy Program (Camphill Village USA)

Marc Blachere (Program Co-Director)
Phil Drake (Program Co-Director)
Roswitha Imegwu
Melody Konderwich (Program Administrator)
Nathan McLaughlin (Site Coordinator, Hudson)
Irena Valujeva-van Beusichem
David Schwartz (Site Coordinator, Ghent)
Takeshi Suesada (Site Coordinator, Triform)

Social Therapy Program (The Cascadia Society)

Penelope Baring (Program Co-Director)
Patricia Smith (Program Co-Director)
Ruth Tschannen
Monique Walsh (Program Administrator)

Social Therapy Program (Heartbeet Lifesharing)

Jonathan Gilbert
Sara Hatch (Program Director)
Patrick McCarthy
Marianne Perchlik
Onat Sanchez-Schwartz
David Schwartz
Hannah Schwartz
Wanda Root
Mary Wildfeuer (Program Administrator)

Social Therapy Program (Maison Emmanuel)

Armelle Ferrandiz
Audrey Paquin
Mary Small (Program Director)

Social Therapy Program (Plowshare Farm)

Donat Bay
Maria Van Den Berg
Kimberly Dorn (Program Director)
Vadim Gitman
Vreni Glur
Lois Horan (Program Administrator)

Continuing Education Program

Claus Sproll (Program Director, AdminInstitute)