The Curative Education Program and Social Therapy Program are a field-based course of studies, delivered in partnership with participating communities. Admission and continued participation is contingent on membership in a participating community and sponsorship by that community. Individuals cannot apply independently to participate in these programs. Communities that are not currently participating in the Curative Education Program or Social Therapy Program of Camphill Academy must establish affiliation before they can sponsor their members for enrollment.

For more information on each program’s prerequisites, see their respective handbooks.

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: If you are a current coworker of one of the North American Camphill communities, please email [email protected] before proceeding with the online application.

Apply to Curative Education Program

Camphill Special School
Camphill Soltane

Apply to Social Therapy Program

Camphill Communities California
Camphill Hudson
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills
Camphill Village USA
Heartbeet Lifesharing
Maison Emmanuel
Plowshare Farm
Triform Camphill Community