Elaine Maria Upton

Elaine Maria Upton presently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From Ohio State University she has a Ph.D. in English literature, with specialties in Shakespeare studies and in African diasporan literature. Before that, she received an M.A. from the Shakespeare Institute of the University of Birmingham, England. There she wrote her M.A. thesis on the staging and directing of Gordon Craig’s Shakespeare productions.

In the U.S. she has taught in various colleges and universities–for example, Dartmouth College, the University of Maryland, and most recently in Santa Fe at the Institute of American Indian Arts, a fine arts college for students of Native American and other backgrounds. In Santa Fe she has taught Main Lessons at the Santa Fe Waldorf High School, and near Pretoria, South Africa she lived on a biodynamic farm and taught literature and language courses in what was one of the first multi-racial/multi-cultural Waldorf High Schools in that country.

While living in Germany for four years, she worked with a eurythmist and a curative educator to home school boys with special needs. She is an associate editor for Being Human, enjoys translating poetry from the German, and writes poetry, short stories, and essays. She was named a Finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize for her collection of poems, Children of Apartness.