John F. Baring

Since 2006, John Baring has been a co-worker, team leader and Board member at Camphill Village USA.  In January 2012, he became Administrator/CEO of Camphill Ghent, Inc. and lived, with his wife, in the community. He has also been a Board member of the Camphill Foundation and the Camphill Village Copake Foundation.  He retired from active roles on December 31, 2013 and since then has supported Camphill Academy’s Social Therapy Programs in Camphill Communities California and Cascadia Society, Vancouver where he teaches Social Therapy, Projective Geometry and the Village Conferences.

Prior to joining Camphill, John had a 35 year career in capital markets working for Chemical Bank, Kidder Peabody and then Mercator Capital, where he was both a Founder and Managing Partner.  He has taught various courses in capital markets at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Hong Kong University, New York University and the American University in Washington DC.  He has a degree in Agriculture and is a Baronet of the United Kingdom.  He is also a member of the Social Science Section of the Anthroposophical Society.

[email protected]