Jonathan Gilbert

Jonathan is one of the co-founders of Heartbeet Lifesharing. He is the finance director for Heartbeet and heads the Finance Management Group which manages the day-to-day finance and economic operations of the community. Jonathan works closely to maintain Heartbeet’s ties to the local community, doing outreach for partnerships with local business and fundraising. He continues to nurture his interest in global partnerships as well and finished a course in World Economy at Spring Valley, New York.

Jonathan was born in Quebec. Canada. He has always had an interest and commitment to integrating agriculture with his social ideals. Before founding Heartbeet, he worked and apprenticed at L’Amitie, a therapeutic community in Quebec serving adults with severe disabilities, and in Camphill Village Kimberton Hills in Pennsylvania, an intentional agricultural community which specially includes adults with developmental disabilities. Other aspects of his training in biodynamic/organic farming, gardening, marketing and CSA (community-supported agriculture) have taken him to New Mexico, Canada and Mali.

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