Mary Small

Mary was an Art History and English Literature graduate when she arrived in Maison Emmanuel, a small life-sharing community for adults with special needs in Quebec, Canada, in 1999 for what she thought would be a year’s experience of community living.  After her first year in Maison Emmanuel, a return to school to pursue a Masters in Art History seemed less important, and she instead participated in a regional training seminar in Curative Education and Social Therapy over two years in Pennsylvania, graduating in 2002. 

Following this course of studies, she realised that community living with adults with special needs was something that she felt drawn to long-term, but she also felt the need for a broader understanding of current social care provision within the mainstream system.  Therefore, she went on to complete a Diploma and Master of Social Work training at the University of Edinburgh and worked as a statutory social worker in Scotland before returning to Maison Emmanuel in 2006.

Mary is a homemaker in a house for five adults with special needs, member of the finance committee and board member of Maison Emmanuel.   She is also the secretary of the North American Council for Anthroposophic Curative Education and Social Therapy.

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