Roswitha Imegwu

Roswitha is a graduate of the Camphill Training Course in Social Therapy (Copake, 1991) and holds an MA in Social Anthropology (Edinburgh University, 1973). She has experienced a number of different Camphill communities over the years, but has called Camphill Village USA home since 1974.  Roswitha has been actively involved in several initiatives. She helped establish Camphill-inspired communities in India, especially Sadhana Village, near Pune, and the Friends of Camphill community in Bangalore, and visits India almost annually to offer guidance and support. She also helped found the Camphill Coworker Recruitment office (now Coworker Development office) and remains involved in welcoming and mentoring young coworkers and students at Camphill Village USA, where she is a current core faculty member in the Social Therapy Program. Roswitha typically teaches sections in form drawing and mythology and is a regular contributor at the annual student retreats.

[email protected]