Stephen Steen

Stephen was born in the north of England and later moved to the north of Ireland. After leaving school he studied at the College of Business Studies in Belfast and began a career in banking. However he soon realized this was not his calling and after a series of other jobs found his way to Glencraig Camphill community, just outside Belfast, and felt this was what he wanted to do.

35 years later he finds himself running a house with his wife, Sabine, in Triform Camphill Community, NY while assisting in the day program and supporting the administrative work. He also teaches extensively in the Camphill Academy at Camphill Village Copake, NY and is a member of the Camphill Academy Collegium.

Before this he lived in Camphill Village Copake and was both Co-Director and Director of the Social Therapy program along with other responsibilities. He received his training in Curative Education at Camphill Special Schools, PA where he was also a householder and class teacher. Along the way he has been a gardener, farmer and bookbinder and is the father of two beautiful daughters.

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