Wanda Root

Wanda Root has lived and worked in places in the Camphill Movement since the early 70’s and has made Camphill Village, Copake her home since 1981.  She has been involved with a myriad of rich and challenging responsibilities and experiences throughout those years, engaging herself deeply in Camphill Village, the American region of Camphill as well as the international Camphill Movement and the inner Community.

Although no longer living in a life-sharing house, Wanda looks back with special delight and gratitude at her more than 25 years of homemaking and the enriching human relationships developed through that intimate life-sharing experience.

Wanda was a founding teacher in the Seminar for Social Therapy in the mid 80’s and continues teaching within the Camphill Academy, notably courses in Biography and Social Therapy.  She was co-editor of the new edition of Seeds for Social Renewal: The Camphill Village Conferences containing Karl Konig’s seminal lectures and has been steadily engaged with groups of colleagues in a series of international retreats to more deeply penetrate its content.  She has also led workshops and retreats on its themes in India, Latvia, Norway and Russia

She loves the arts, literature and poetry, travel and pilgrimage and is especially interested in exploring issues of social justice, spirituality and human development and cultivating the social art.

More recently some of her interests gained a new dimension when she participated in a part time three-year training in Biography and Social Art in Spring Valley, gaining a certificate as a Biography Worker.  Biography Work is really a new field of social endeavor, inspired by some germinal insights of Rudolf Steiner and developed into a field of social and professional activity by counselors, therapists, psychologists, doctors, teachers and good people of all sorts who appreciate its great potential. There are trainings in Anthroposophical Biography Work in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Romania, Israel, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the US.

Now, in addition to her ongoing mentoring, teaching and retreat work, Wanda does some biography work with small groups in various contexts and also with individuals going through some life transition and eager to put their life and its challenges into perspective.

Friendship, like the immortality of the soul, is too good to be believed. —–Ralph Waldo Emerson

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