Programs at Camphill Academy

Curative Education Program

Curative education is an interdisciplinary approach to the education and support of children and adolescents in need of special support. The Curative Education Program is offered within the context of community life at The Camphill School. Students are integrated into life and work of their community, gaining practical experience as resident coworkers while pursuing their studies.

Social Therapy Program

Social therapy is the art of building inclusive communities with adults in complex life situations. The emphasis is on creating life situations appropriate for people with a diverse range of needs and abilities. The Social Therapy Program is offered within the context of community life at one of the participating communities dedicated to the practice of social therapy on an anthroposophic foundation.

Continuing Education Program

The Continuing Education Program provides opportunities for those inspired by Camphill’s work and values to engage in relevant professional development informed by anthroposophy. Some workshops are open to the public, while others may serve members of specific organizations.