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Curative Education Program

Curative Education is an interdisciplinary approach to the education and support of children and adolescents with special needs. It includes education and therapies, but also a recognition that a child’s lifestyle and overall life situation can help or hinder development. Curative Educators do not look at classroom or therapy settings in isolation, but work with the totality of a child’s life circumstances. Like Waldorf education, Curative Education is based on Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual-scientific view of the human being, Anthroposophy.
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Social Therapy Program

Social Therapy is closely related to Curative Education, but differs in practical approach and method. In supporting the lives of adults with disabilities, the emphasis shifts towards creating inclusive communities that can offer life situations appropriate for people with a diverse range of needs and abilities. This includes supporting adults in finding and maintaining meaningful and fulfilling work, as well as social and cultural lives.
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M.Ed. in Foundations of Education

The M.Ed. in Foundations of Education with a Transdisciplinary Focus on Healing Education is offered as a collaboration between the Waldorf Education faculty at Antioch University New England and the Camphill Academy.
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