Continuing: Social Economics in Camphill ONLINE Speaker Series 

In this 2-part series, Guy Alma (The Camphill School) will facilitate panels on how communities make economic decisions. In each of these cases, we will hear how communities discern ways in which their values can meet the needs of their unique situations. This will include deliberations on public versus private funding sources, the role of donations and fundraising, the impact of social enterprise, and how communities meet their members’ life needs. Guy Alma (The Camphill School) moderará paneles enfocados en los procesos de toma de decisiones económicas dentro de las comunidades. En estas sesiones, exploraremos cómo estas comunidades analizan y determinan de qué manera sus valores fundamentales pueden responder adecuadamente a las necesidades específicas de sus circunstancias particulares.

Saturday, June 8 – 10am to 11:30am ET on ZOOM –  with Guy Alma, Anya Hobley and Michael Babitch

Saturday, July 13 – 10am to 11:30am ET on ZOOM – with Guy Alma, Kimberly Dorn and Zacharie Dusingizimana

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