Our Mission

The Camphill Academy is a community of learning rooted in the life and work of the Camphill Movement in North America. It aims to provide paths of transformative learning that allow individuals to unfold their potential to contribute to the healing of the human being, society and the earth.

Our Vision

Members of the Camphill Academy support each other in the quest for personal growth and transformation through the experience of active service in the context of community living. The Academy strives to fulfill its mission by creating formal opportunities and spaces for learning and schooling within the life of its member communities, including full-time courses of practice- and community-integrated studies in the fields embraced by the work of the Camphill Movement. 

All its programs seek to unite knowledge, art and practice through the cultivation of anthroposophy as founded by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and the approaches to action research, phenomenological study and contemplative inquiry that arise from it. As an expression of the activity of the School of Spiritual Science, the Camphill Academy seeks to be a force for renewal in the context of North American Higher Education.

Our Goals

We utilize a Strategic Planning process to help us continually grow and develop our offerings in line with our Mission and Vision. Click here to view the Camphill Academy’s current Strategic Plan.

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