Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition: Creating Paths Beyond Disability

two men stand outside on a bridge. One is wearing a striped shirt and glasses and is pointing. The other man is operating a camera in the direction the man is pointing.

On April 28, our colleagues at Camphill Initiatives for Social Ecology will host a free webinar featuring Fionn and Jonathan Angus as part of their 2022 symposium.  Fionn Angus and his father, Jonathan, are Citizen Network Global Ambassadors. This son-and-father team lives in Galway and operates one of Ireland’s first self-directed support packages through the … Read more

Anthroposophic Perspectives in Inclusive Social Development to launch Spanish-language edition

Our colleagues at the Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development are launching a Spanish-language edition of Perspectives, the professional journal of the worldwide movement for anthroposophical curative education, social therapy and related fields of work. The journal is published quarterly in German and English. Camphill Academy Managing Director Elizabeth Sanders and President Jan Goeschel serve … Read more

Videos from the 2020 Camphill Research Symposium available now

This year we were delighted to welcome audiences from around the world as we celebrated the publication of Camphill and the Future: Spirituality and Disability in an Evolving Communal Movement, a new book by long-time Camphill friend and Harvard professor Dan McKanan. Friends from around the world joined us in November for three international, interactive … Read more

Registration is open for the 2020 Camphill Research Symposium!

2020 Camphill Research Symposium registration is open! Join us for this year’s Camphill Research Symposium – November 5, 12, 19 – 11:00-1:00pm EST on Zoom Click here to register today! Join us this November for three interactive sessions to explore the Camphill Movement’s past, present, and future. We are delighted to welcome audiences from around … Read more

A Whitsun message, May 2020

Whitsun celebrates an event in sacred time when, inspired by truth, justice, and righteousness, human beings learned to speak a language that all humanity could understand.  In religious imagery, the Whitsun event is represented by individuals baptized with tongues of fire, which can overcome the boundaries of nationality, race, class, and creed to establish a … Read more

From Inclusion to Community: lecture from the 2019 Camphill Research Symposium

Last July, Camphill communities in upstate New York hosted the joint International Communal Studies Association and Camphill Research Symposium conference. Our colleagues at the Camphill Foundation have published a number of Camphill Research Symposium lectures online, and we’ve made them available through the Camphill Research Network! The 2019 Camphill Research Symposium was unforgettable. The conversations … Read more

Social artists: new book from the Karl König Institute

From the beginning it was the striving of the young community to create holistic healing surroundings – it could be called a holistic social artistry, a social «Gesamtkunstwerk» including all areas of social life, from the healthy daily, weekly and yearly rhythms «rituals» and celebrations, to the incorporation of the arts in all aspects of … Read more

Exploring the Camphill Impulse: impressions from a second-year Camphill Academy retreat

This February, students and faculty from our programs in Curative Education at The Camphill School and Inclusive Social Development at Camphill Village Copake and Triform Camphill Community spent a weekend together to explore the foundations of the Camphill Impulse. This retreat is the first in a series of three retreats exploring some of the foundational … Read more

Homemaking, Community Building: Inner & Outer Aspects of Home Life

In January 2020 the Camphill Academy hosted a Continuing Education workshop in partnership with the Camphill Association. This year’s Homemaking, Community Building workshop explored the inner and outer aspects of home life in the Camphill movement and beyond. There were 40 participants in the 3-day workshop with a broad range of experience in the task … Read more

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