With Beth Barol
Online – May 10, 17, 24
6:30-8:30pm ET
$75 per participant
CEUs: .6

Even in the context of meaningful relationships and rich community life, we all experience times of crisis and transition. During these periods, we need accompaniment and support to move out of crisis and into flourishing. Even with the best of intentions, discerning how to best accompany your fellow community members with dual diagnoses, challenging behaviors, or changing support needs can elude supporters. Unfortunately, as supporters burn out, their approaches and interventions can become increasingly restrictive, and the person in crisis struggles to live a meaningful and fulfilling life despite being misunderstood.

Learning to understand life experiences, including, friendships, love, mastery and successes, as well as trauma, marginalization, and loss, often leads us to a positive healing path through times of crisis and transition. The biographical timeline is a tool to help us gain a compassionate understanding of the underpinning experiences in another person’s life, and from this explore a myriad of social therapeutic activities and approaches to build a better life together with the person. In this workshop we will explore how biography can help us accompany someone through crisis into flourishing, rooted in the context of inclusive and intentional community.

In week 1 we will review major themes in human development and the impact of trauma. In week 2 we will explore a biographical timeline. In week 3 we will explore social therapeutic activities to support the needs arising from individual biography.

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From Biography to Flourishing course

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