New Research: Camphill Academy faculty Master’s theses now available on Camphill Research Network

We’re happy to announce that two new Master’s theses have been added to the Camphill Research Network website, from faculty members of the Camphill Academy’s Curative Education program!

Ute Heuser, a eurythmy teacher at the Camphill School and instructor in the Camphill Academy wrote her thesis–A Way to Touch: Using Touch in Eurythmy Lessons for Students with Special Needs–in 2017. Ute adopted a phenomenological approach to explore our experience of touch and how educators can come to a better understanding of how and when to use touch in appropriate and therapeutic ways, particularly in the context of eurythmy and movement.

“There are two distinct aspects to the element of touch: On the one hand it gives me an awareness of myself, on the other I come into contact with the world around me. Am I able to get a deeper understanding of the experiences of others in relationship to these two aspects?”

Heuser, 2017

Ute studied at Alanus University, one of Camphill Academy’s partner universities.

Gleice Paulino da Silva, a class teacher at the Camphill School and instructor in the Camphill Academy, wrote her thesis–Curative Stories and its Healing Power–in 2018. Gleice’s study took “The Art of Storytelling”, a course in Camphill Academy’s concentration in Curative Education, and explored how students learn to write and tell healing stories. Her study explores questions of the role of narrative in our lives, how we use stories to build relationships and grow as individuals, and how we can all learn to bring these artistic practices into our work with others.

“In my own narrowed understanding of the world, poetry was for those who were born poets, not for ordinary people. After seeing the results of my poetry writing, I was surprised. It was good. That was the first time I wondered what it takes to write creatively. Perhaps all it takes is a pen, paper, the will to do it, and a tint of imagination…It has been my experience with healing and stories that has made me look back into my biography and look forward into the future. I hope that my research brings more light into the elements that make a curative story, that has been written for somebody special, so powerful.”

Paulino da Silva, 2018

Gleice studied at Antioch University, another one of Camphill Academy’s partner universities.

To learn more about research in the Camphill movement, visit the Camphill Research Network, managed and curated by the Camphill Academy.

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