Camphill Academy Newsletter Fall 2018

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Dear Members of the Camphill Academy Community,

The fabric of the Camphill Academy is woven out of the relationships that we are forming around our intent to support each other’s journeys of learning and discovery within and around the rich experiences of life in the Camphill Movement. We are each other’s teachers. That is one of the core principles of community building. Learning takes place in the space that opens up between you and me. This space, held in the right way, allows for movement and growth. With this newsletter, we would like to offer a new possibility for all of us to perceive each other’s work and initiatives as members of the Camphill Academy community. Far flung, as we are, not only across the North American continent, but around the globe, it is not always easy for us to stay in touch with what is happening: events, projects, conferences, courses, meetings, partnerships, publications, research and other developments.

This newsletter wants to become a tool to make us and our activities visible to each other. We hope that this will foster even more engagement with each other around questions of learning, personal and professional development and research, even across geographical distance. This is our newsletter. So, if you have something that’s worth sharing, get in touch with us to see whether the newsletter is the right place. We look forward to a rich tapestry of stories, interviews, pictures, art work, reflections and – yes – even reports on all manner of things connected with the Camphill Academy.

We are excited to launch this new forum of exchange! Let’s use it!

Warmly, Jan

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