Study Inclusive Social Development

with a concentration in Social Therapy

Students of Inclusive Social Development at Camphill Village, USA in Copake, NY and its associated participating communities have the option to pursue a concentration in the area of Social Therapy.

Practitioners of Social Therapy strive to approach individual situations out of an understanding of the integrity of each individual’s unique biography. They allow this holistic insight to guide the way social, educational and therapeutic support is provided as an integrated whole. As a result, Social Therapy brings an integral transdisciplinary approach to a field of work defined by the intersection of a wide range of disciplines, including not only social work, human services, medicine, psychology, and nursing, but also such elements as the arts, agriculture and community building. 

As professionals with a transdisciplinary orientation, practitioners of Social Therapy must be able to form a holistic picture of human situations and individual biographical themes and challenges. On this basis, practitioners of Social Therapy build and shape community processes, social, cultural and economic, drawing on the widest possible range of tools and methods, so that individual destinies can unfold.

The concentration in Social Therapy is available to students in programs at participating communities with adults with developmental disabilities. Internationally, practitioners of Social Therapy serve in a wide variety of contexts, including:

  • Home-based support 
  • Accompaniment and work with the elderly, individuals struggling with psychiatric conditions and other marginalized groups 
  • Workshops and community initiatives 
  • In-reach and outreach, education and volunteer support 
  • Inclusive community-building in a wide variety of settings
To learn more about the field of anthroposophical social therapy and its underlying principles, check out the white paper published by the Social Therapy Working Group of the International council for Inclusive social Development.

Levels of Certification

The Camphill Academy offers three full-time academic programs in Inclusive Social Development which are offered within the context of community life at one of its participating communities dedicated to the practice of inclusive social development on an anthroposophic foundation and which correspond with three consecutive levels of certification: 

  • The Foundation Studies Program
  • The Paraprofessional Certification Program
  • The Diploma Program

Degree Completion Options

The Camphill Academy provides pathways for students who choose to complete bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in a field related to Inclusive Social Development through partnerships with several colleges and universities. 

For complete details about the program and Camphill Academy, refer to the Camphill Academy Program Handbook (PDF).

Participating Communities

To view the various communities’ websites, visit Our Affilitions page.

Camphill Communities California (Soquel, CA)

Camphill Village USA (Copake, NY)
Students from Cadmus Lifesharing, Camphill Hudson (Hudson, NY) and Triform Camphill Community (Hudson, NY) may also join this cohort.

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills (Kimberton, PA)

Heartbeet Lifesharing (Hardwick, VT)

Plowshare Farm (Greenfield, NH)

The Camphill Academy is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students at The Camphill School, Camphill Village USA, Camphill Communities California, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, and Heartbeet Lifesharing locations.

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