Continuing education: Homemaking/Community-building Inner and Outer Aspects of Home Life

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In January, the Camphill Academy will host a professional development workshop on the homemaking impulse in the Camphill movement today. Participants from across the region will join in Camphill Communities Triform for 3 days of art, discussion, and sharing. The art of homemaking and the life of the home have always played a central role in the formation and growth of the Camphill movement. As intentional communities continue to diversify in our time, the art of homemaking provides a means to cultivate the authentic human relationships that form the bedrock of any intentional community while also bringing creativity and ingenuity to the practical tasks of anthroposophical inclusive social development. In this workshop, we will explore inner and outer aspects of homemaking as inclusive social development and what roles the home and homemaking might contribute to community building into the future.

Check back soon for a report on the conference!
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