Experiences of Community: New research from Andrew Plant

Our colleague Andrew Plant has published a new research project, available now on the Camphill Research Network.

Andrew has been a coworker and researcher in the Camphill movement for 40 years, and has written extensively on archetypal processes of change within the Camphill movement, including in “Communities in Transition” (2008); “The Paradoxes of Community” (2013) and “Developmental Dilemmas” (2014), all available on the Camphill Research Network.

Andrew’s newest report–“Experiences of Community Revisited”–follows up on an extensive study Andrew published in 2007 of the same name. In this more recent report, Andrew dives into questions of diversity and inclusion and how these issues influence the change processes in the Camphill movement.

From the abstract…

It is obvious to me that a very significant process of change – operating simultaneously on many levels – is at work in the Scottish communities and also across other regions of the Camphill Movement. And this process often centres on the questions about a community transitioning from one phase of its development –the Pioneer Phase – to another, the Organisational Phase. These questions, in the Scottish region at least, are questions about changes in organisational structures most especially in governance and in management…

My especial focus throughout has been on examining what effect these changes are having on the experience of community as felt by those people living and working in the communities. This, of course, leads to all sorts of other questions, such as – how does one define the experience of community? In what ways is the experience of community changing? In what ways is the experience of community created and maintained? To what extent are these questions important to the people living and working in the communities today? And, to what extent are these questions shared by people in other intentional communities?

Plant 2019, pg 4

Andrew shared about some of these questions in the 2019 International Communal Studies Association conference, co-hosted with the Camphill Research Symposium. Videos of presentations form that event will be available soon on the Camphill Research Network website.

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