Exploring the Camphill Impulse: impressions from a second-year Camphill Academy retreat

This February, students and faculty from our programs in Curative Education at The Camphill School and Inclusive Social Development at Camphill Village Copake and Triform Camphill Community spent a weekend together to explore the foundations of the Camphill Impulse.

This retreat is the first in a series of three retreats exploring some of the foundational themes, questions, and expressions of the Camphill movement.

Participants prepared by studying the lecture “How Anthroposophical Groups Prepare For The Sixth Epoch” as a foundation for community and society building into the future.  During the workshop we explored the First Goetheanum as an artistic representation of the human being, its spiritual history and future tasks. Through “Goethean conversations,” painting, and eurythmy, we explored this spiritual architecture and allowed questions about how we as human beings relate to community and to one another arise.

In small group conversations we explored biographical questions such as “What does ‘community’ mean to me, and what are my most powerful experiences of community?”

And of course, we saved plenty of time for singing, walks, and even some theater exercises from Camphill Academy student Mauricio!


Many thanks to our hosts at Camphill Soltane.

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