Levels of Certification

The Camphill Academy offers three full-time academic programs in Inclusive Social Development which are offered within the context of community life at one of its participating communities dedicated to the practice of inclusive social development on an anthroposophic foundation and which correspond with three consecutive levels of certification: the Foundation Studies Program, the Paraprofessional Certification Program, and the Diploma Program. Additionally, the Camphill Academy provides opportunities for those inspired by Camphill’s work and values to engage in relevant professional development informed by anthroposophy through its Continuing Education Program. 

Foundation Studies Program
The Foundation Studies Program is typically completed in one year of full-time study and leads to a Certificate in Foundation Studies in Inclusive Social Development upon completion. It is not a professional qualification or certification of competency, but may be used to fulfill foundation studies requirements for other anthroposophic courses and programs, such as Waldorf Teacher Training. Upon successful completion of the Foundation Studies Program, students are eligible to continue into the Paraprofessional Certification Program.

Paraprofessional Certification Program 
The Paraprofessional Certification Program in Inclusive Social Development builds on the Foundation Studies Program and is typically completed in an additional two years of full-time study. The Paraprofessional Certificate is awarded to those who complete the second year of coursework plus an additional six to twelve month full-time internship in an assistant capacity. It is also awarded to students who successfully complete the second year of coursework and, at minimum, all third year practica requirements. 

Upon completion of the second year, students planning to continue must decide if they will pursue the Paraprofessional Certificate and enroll in the third year Paraprofessional Internship or advance to the Diploma Program and enroll in the third year coursework and practica. 

Holders of the Paraprofessional Certificate are considered qualified to serve in a paraprofessional capacity, assisting professionally qualified practitioners in providing direct support to adults with special needs. 

Diploma Program 
The Diploma Program in Inclusive Social Development builds on the Paraprofessional Certification Program. The Diploma is awarded to those who have successfully completed the third and fourth year of coursework and practica plus a six to twelve month professional internship after completion of the fourth year. The Diploma is recognized internationally by the Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development at the Goetheanum – School of Spiritual Science. Holders of the Diploma are considered qualified to practice in the field of Inclusive Social Development in a professional capacity. The specific scope of practice is subject to national and local laws.

The Camphill Academy offer programs in Inclusive Social Development in the following concentration areas:

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