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The Continuing Education Program offers a variety of workshops consistent with the aims and vision and the Camphill Academy’s overall mission in the fields embraced by the work of the Camphill Movement, such as community and organizational development, leadership education, social work, health care and the arts. Under the direction of a Core Faculty, workshops are offered at different locations throughout the United States and Canada, and often in collaboration with a participating community or partner organization. The program provides opportunities for those inspired by Camphill’s work and values to engage in relevant professional development informed by anthroposophy. Some workshops are open to the public, while others may serve members of specific organizations. Some workshops may require a minimum level of experience from participants.

Upcoming Workshops

Inner Work/Outer Work: Mindfulness and Meditation in Inclusive Social Development

With Libby Sanders
Online – 5 weeks
Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm ET
$25 per participant
Starting January 12

The Second Essential of Camphill emphasizes the significance of ongoing inner work as the wellspring for our outer work–our creativity and compassion must be continually nourished through our own activity. However, developing some of the fundamental skills of any contemplative or phenomenological practice can be a challenge. In this course we will practice basic techniques for developing awareness, nonjudgmental observation, and the cultivation of gratitude that lies at the foundation of inner work.

Questions of Diversity & Race in Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science

With Cory Eichmann
Online – 8 weeks
Weekly 11:00-12:30pm ET
$55 per participant
Starting January 11

Rudolf Steiner’s work is complex in its depth and breadth, and its sheer volume.  Critiquing his work is challenging. There are contradictions around equality, individuality, and racial hierarchy. Approaching these contradictions—not with an eye to condemn, nor with an eye to defend—can lead to a deeper appreciation for spiritual science, for our relationship to the Earth, and to each other. This course will guide participants through the major controversies surrounding anthroposophy through a series of fundamental questions. This course is essential for anyone who finds themselves faced with deep, societal questions and who feels responsible for how their work in anthroposophical organizations meets and serves the world. Participants will leave this course with the basic tools they need to navigate questions around diversity and race in their anthroposophical professional contexts.

From Biography to Treatment I: Social Therapeutic & Trauma-Informed Perspectives for Our Work

With Beth Barol
Online – 2 days
10:00am-4:00pm ET
$130 per participant
March 22-23

Despite our best attempts, figuring out how to better support some people with dual diagnosis challenging behaviors eludes us. Supporters burn out, service providers throw up their hands in surrender, and treatment approaches become increasingly restrictive. People claim that people with a dual diagnosis behave the way that they do because it is ‘just the way they are’, or ‘they are just trying to manipulate us’. We often respond by being overly controlling, resorting to over-sedation, and emotional abandonment among other futile approaches. All the while, the individual continues to struggle in vain in an attempt to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. During this session, we will explore how to maximize the information we discover about a person’s life journey, via a sample biographical timeline. Focusing on life experiences, including, friendships, love, mastery and successes, as well as trauma, marginalization, and loss, often leads us to a positive healing path. Utilizing the lens of the biography, we will work together to derive supports that will be more effective for the person and the supporters. Registration for “From Biography to Treatment II” is not required for participation in this course.

From Biography to Treatment II: Delving into Biographical Timelines

With Beth Barol
Online – 2 days
10:00am-4:00pm ET
$130 per participant
April 19-20

Many people have been facilitating biographical timelines over the years. In part two, we will have an opportunity to enrich the process from a facilitator’s perspective. We will be exploring clinical as well as group dynamic issues that arise during a facilitation as well as approaches to help assure that the awareness developed during a biographical timeline process translate into better supports and clinical interventions. Questions collected in advance via a participants’ survey will be addressed during the training. Teams will present a timeline during this session and will receive guidance, mentoring, and constructive feedback. “From Biography to Treatment I” is a prerequisite for this course.

Consulting Services

Members of our faculty are frequently asked to serve as consultants or offer workshops and courses for other organizations in the fields of curative education and social therapy or related areas. For more information, visit our Consulting Services page. 

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