The Social Economics in Camphill speakers series

The Continuing Education: Social Economics in Camphill speakers series resumed with a three-part series on February 10, March 9 and April 13, 2024. Concepts of associative economics and social threefolding have long provided a foundation for communities working in Anthroposophic Inclusive Social Development to organize their economic lives. As community life becomes increasingly complex and context-dependent, Camphill communities and others are increasingly asking how these principles can be interpreted and applied in contemporary community life. Building on the fundamental concepts of social threefolding, this installment of Social Economics in Camphill will turn to how these economic principles have manifested in Camphill community life since the movement’s founding through today.

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In our first session, Richard Steel (Karl Konig Institute) explored how Karl Konig worked with and transformed Steiner’s concepts of associative economics in the context of Camphill community life. Konig explored and suggested many different ways that threefolding principles could manifest in community life, and Richard stimulated discussion on how Konig’s own metamorphosis can guide us in our deliberations today.

In our second session, Bernard C. Murphy (Arista Advisory Group and Camphill Academy) shared his experience working on economic questions in Camphill communities, how these principles can translate into community activity, and how building up financial literacy within communities enables participation in social life. 

In our third session, Bernard C. Murphy continued this discussion and called upon participants to share their experiences of the principles and practices within their communities.

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