Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition: Creating Paths Beyond Disability: Fionn and Jonathan Angus

two men stand outside on a bridge. One is wearing a striped shirt and glasses and is pointing. The other man is operating a camera in the direction the man is pointing.

Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition: Creating Paths Beyond Disability   Fionn Angus and his father, Jonathan, are Citizen Network Global Ambassadors. This son-and-father team lives in Galway and operates one of Ireland’s first self-directed support packages through the HSE Personalised Budgets. Fionn, who has Down Syndrome, is the manager, and Jonathan is his employee. Fionn and Jonathan … Read more

Educating Towards Sustainability: Connecting to Self, Others and Nature

An image of Ha Vinh Tho gesturing with his hand while speaking, wearing a brown blazer

Offered by our colleagues in Ireland, this presentation is part of the Camphill Initiatives for Social Ecology 2022 webinar series ‘Living a Connected Life, Freedom from Exclusion.’ The event is free, but registration is required! More information from the organizers:   “The overarching theme for the symposium is Living a Connected Life. Through this theme, … Read more

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