Homemaking, Community Building: Inner & Outer Aspects of Home Life

In January 2020 the Camphill Academy hosted a Continuing Education workshop in partnership with the Camphill Association. This year’s Homemaking, Community Building workshop explored the inner and outer aspects of home life in the Camphill movement and beyond. There were 40 participants in the 3-day workshop with a broad range of experience in the task … Read more

Continuing education: Homemaking/Community-building Inner and Outer Aspects of Home Life

In January, the Camphill Academy will host a professional development workshop on the homemaking impulse in the Camphill movement today. Participants from across the region will join in Camphill Communities Triform for 3 days of art, discussion, and sharing. The art of homemaking and the life of the home have always played a central role … Read more

Call for contributions: International Inclusive Autumn Conference 2020 Education—always! Developing what lives in me and moves the world

Our colleagues at the International Council for Inclusive Social Development are putting out a call for contributions to the 2020 International Inclusive Autumn Conference, taking place October 5–9, 2020, at the Goetheanum in Dornach (Switzerland). The theme for this year’s conference is Education – always! Developing what lives in me and moves the world, and … Read more

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