Social Economics in Camphill Speaker Series concludes

In the final 2-part series, Guy Alma (The Camphill School) facilitated panels on how communities make economic decisions. In each of these cases, we heard how communities discern ways in which their values can meet the needs of their unique situations. The presentations included deliberations on public versus private funding sources, the role of donations … Read more

New conversations on diversity & race in Steiner’s Spiritual Science

Camphill Academy will host two upcoming events with Cory Eichmann exploring diversity and race in Steiner’s work with a critical lens. On December 14, Cory will give an open lecture introducing the subject and contemporary research. Beginning on January 11, Cory will lead an 8-week Continuing Education course diving deep into the primary source materials. … Read more

Exploring the Camphill Impulse: impressions from a second-year Camphill Academy retreat

This February, students and faculty from our programs in Curative Education at The Camphill School and Inclusive Social Development at Camphill Village Copake and Triform Camphill Community spent a weekend together to explore the foundations of the Camphill Impulse. This retreat is the first in a series of three retreats exploring some of the foundational … Read more

The Inner Life: Foundation Studies programs host retreats on inner work and contemplative practice for Camphill Academy students

Over the last several months, our campuses at The Camphill School, Camphill Village Copake, Camphill Communities California, and Camphill Village Kimberton Hills have all hosted retreats and workshops on the inner life for students in the Foundation Studies programs. Inner work—our constant and conscious growth as human beings, educators, colleagues, friends, and community members—holds a … Read more

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